So … Big Things People … Big Things!!!


So .. its been about 3 and a half weeks since I started my website and everyones support and feedback has really been amazing.

With that said, I am happy to announce that I  have teamed with a professional writer, David Pluscauskus and we are fast-tracking the development of a property I created long ago entitled, Craving Midnight

    So what, you might be saying. A  million, billion people are TRYING to create stuff all the time.

     Well my fine friends and enemies,  what is truly exciting about this announcement is the fact that we will be documenting our partnership and the creation of what is both of our’s first foray into comic publishing, “ON the AIR”.

     “On The Air”?

     Yep! You see David just happens to be the creator and host of Crowdfinders’s Podcast, an exploration of the indie comics scene for all those who are or are wanting to become an indie comics creator or are just curious about the alternative side of industry. We both thought it would be a great platform for us to document the evolution of our book for all of you out there that dream of doing the same.

    I know what your thinking, “We don’t need 2 NOOBS telling us how to create a book.”

     I agree, and we aren’t. What we are doing is literally creating the book “Live” so to speak. From a basic idea and skeleton that has been gestating in my skull to the finished product. Let me reiterate this is not for us to tell you about what we are doing, but literally a way for us allow you to sit in on the actual creation process.

    When are we starting this? 

     We already did!!! …. After a week of emailing (yes we have only been talking for a week), sorting out which project to tackle and all things contractual, we recorded our first actual conversation last night …. for all of you to hear. 

     So check out the Crowdfinders’s Podcast, There are some great interviews already posted. Our first one together will be posted in the next few days. I’ll let you know when its up so keep your eyes peeled!

    I hope you join David and I on our creative journey.

Take Care

-Eric K.

Crowdfinders’s Podcast:


Pug Vader (color) by Eric Kenney

Apparel Design
Apparel Design for Commissioned Project   Ink, Markers Photoshop Original size: A3

Apparel Design for Commissioned Project
Ink, Markers Photoshop
Original size: A3

What more is there to say .. er….. SEE?! …. Meet Pug Vader , yet again another T-shirt design for my Brazilian friends at Pencil, Ink, and Markers and a little Photoshop for colors and clean-up.

Hello World and Welcome



Hola, everyone. Eric kenney of here and yes indeed if your reading this than my new site up and new blog is a’rollin. Check out the gallery, and keep your eyes peeled on this here blog .. it will be updated regularly … and by all means keep tabs on the store … will be posting some original art this evening.

Anyway … Here’s to coming along for the ride and hope you survive the experience.