Craving Time for Craving Midnight


Ok after a hellish week of moving essentially 2 houses in one weekend .. btw thanks to those that helped John, Jerold, Billy, Trevor .. you’ll be happy to know I am slowly getting back on track …

If you listened to my first podcast Episode 10 …. and it interested you in the least well then you’ll be happy to know that I finally found time to sit down amongst the boxes and furniture strewn through out my new home and write a breakdown for all the main characters of Craving Midnight for my new creative partner, Dave Pluscauskus. I ended up with 3 and half pages of traits, actions, thoughts, arcs, and plot possibilities for Jack, His dad, Glenn, Samantha, Dubs, Elizabeth, Carla and Jorge (The Rodriguez twins) and it was nice kinda letting my mind unfurl. Actually after talking with Dave on the podcast, I found myself looking at each of them in a new and fresh way, which was exciting.

Also something Dave asked me for was everything thing I had involving the story beats/plot. This was cool too because after going through the characters, rounding them out and exploring a little bit of new territory for each of them, I was able to really see things a lot better than I ever had in the past. And so I just went, typing out the beats and movements, setting scenes until I finished Act 1 … sure it was a little over a page of sentence fragments and hyphens but it along with character stuff was more than i’d written for the story in over a decade and to top it off, what came to me really felt like something fun … which boys and girls .. is important.

Now understand this is a partnership, so everything i wrote is fluid. Dave is an excellent writer and I trust in his storytelling and we both only want to create a great tale that is fun, entertaining, and meaningful. So the next stage is Dave taking my ideas, character and plot alike, and building upon that. Before I go any further with plot ideas for Act 2 and 3 I want to know what he thinks about the framework so far and this will hopefully lead to the next installment of our Podcast.

I truly want to make this experience immersive so I’m formulating a way to share all behind the scenes content Dave and I amass whether it be a here on my site, a Craving Midnight site, or part of the podcast site. I really want to share with you guys all the back and forth that go into creating a book and building a successful partnership. Even if it means sharing controversial stuff. so with that said … Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for all the support guys

Take care and be creative


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